Exhibitor Information

Welcome to Smart Manufacturing 16! As a contracted Exhibitor for this event, we have some information for you to read through and complete. If you have any further questions regarding any of the information or required forms for completion, then please contact the Exhibition Manager. We look forward to having you along this year!

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Exhibition Event Manuals

Exhibitor manual will be available closer to the event.

Your Exhibition Event Manual contains ALL the important information required to make the event as successful as possible. Please take the time to read it!

Exhibitor Forms

Forms for exhibitors to complete will be available closer to the event.

Exhibition Plans

Details plans will be available soon.

Smart Manufacturing 16 will have 5 different Exhibition areas. A plan of each site is listed below:

  • Lonsdale Street
  • Lonsdale Street Service Street
  • Walker Street
  • Council Forecourt – Harmony Square
  • Community Rooms – Council Building

Venue Map

Venue Map - Smart Manufacturing 16

pdfDownload Venue Map